GALA Feb 18, 2012 - Anatole Hotel

GALA Feb 18, 2012



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1 February 2011


"Come Join Us" song captures the work of Rotary

By Arnold R. Grahl 


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1. Bid Sheets

  1. Each auction item, both silent and live, will have a bid sheet with the following information:
    1. Item description
    2. Estimated retail value
    3. Item number
    4. Item designation (L=live, I=item, C=certificate)
    5. v. ALL live items will have the L designation regardless of whether and item or a certificate
  2. Bid sheets will have lines for bidders to note their bidder numbers as well as a dollar amount for each line (bidders do NOT fill in the bid amount)
  3. c. As appropriate, some silent auction items will have a “Buy It Now” designation
  4. Bid sheets will be carbonless triplicate with each copy a different color.
  5. Live auction items will be accompanied by the same type bid sheet but held by live auction volunteer to record winning bidder number and amount

2. Bidder Information

  1. a. Minimum information required for each registered bidder is:
    1. Name
    2. Phone Number
    3. Email address
  2. Bidder information will be captured as guests register for the event in advance. Each registered guest will be assigned a bidder number. Welcome/check-in volunteers will have a spreadsheet of all registered guests with the information above and bidder numbers. As registered guests arrive at the event they will be welcomed at a check-in desk and given their bidder number in a paper form
  3. For guests for whom the information above is not on the spreadsheet, the check-in volunteer will ask for the information and enter it into the database (either manually or electronically) and the guest will be given the bidder number

3. Silent Auction

  1. The silent auction will be open 60 minutes prior to the expected arrival of guests and will temporarily close at the start of dinner. The silent auction will be re-opened at the end of the dinner/presentation and it will be announced that bidders have 15 minutes to go update their bids. The silent auction will be closed with ONE announcement of its closing 15-20 minutes after re-opening.
  2. During the silent auction, table monitors check to ensure that bids are being recorded appropriately- *There needs to be a point person to whom questions/disputes can be directed. If a bid sheet is full, table monitors will record the last bid on the top of a new bid sheet and adjust the subsequent bid amounts as necessary
  3. 5 minutes prior to the close of the silent auction, table monitors need to be positioned at each table
  4. As soon as the silent auction closes, table monitors circle the winning bid amount/bidder number (careful not to obscure the bidder number!) and pull the top TWO copies of the bid sheet, leaving the bottom copy on the table
  5. All bid sheets are brought to the check-out area where they will be recorded either onto a board or into a database that can be projected in the silent auction area for bidders to see if they were the winning bidders. Filers need to ensure that they only have the top two copies!
  6. Once recorded, bid sheets are filed in manila folders by BIDDER number (NOT item number!). Manila folders are filed in file boxes by bidder number

4. Live Auction

  1. Two monitors are needed for bid sheet management during the live auction, one to record the winning bidder and amount and one to act as runner to bring the bid sheets to the check-out area
  2. When an item is won, monitor will record the bidder number and amount on the bid sheet (this volunteer MUST pay attention!)
  3. Runner will bring the winning sheet to the check-out are where it will be filed in the appropriate manila folder

5. Check-out

  1. Volunteer needs:
    1. 3 filers (file incoming bid sheets, find bidder folders at check-out)
    2. 2 monitors (direct traffic flow)
    3. 4 cashiers (can have more if cash/check specific cashiers is desired)
  2. As bidders proceed to check-out they will be met by a monitor who will ask their bidder number and communicate same to filers, who will retrieve folder and give it to monitor. Monitor will then either direct or escort bidder to the cashier (It is important to control traffic at THE DOOR. Do not allow bidders to queue up at the cashiers, but hold them at the file box area until a cashier is available).
  3. Cashiers will total the amounts of the sheets for each bidder, communicate the total to the bidder and collect payment
    1. Credit Card- print one slip for bidder to sign and a copy for the bidder. Retain the signed slip in the money bag, give the other to the bidder
    2. Check
    3. Cash
  4. When all items are paid for, stamp the top copy for each item PAID and give these to the bidder. Instruct the bidder to go back to the table to pick up their items if marked I, go to the live auction pickup area if marked L, and to the certificate area if marked C.
  5. Retain the second copy of the bid sheet in a box in the cashier area. DO NOT put the copy back in the manila folder. Keep the empty manila folder to be returned to the file box at the end of the evening.
  6. At the end of the evening, after all bidders are gone, all folders must be checked to see if there are any unclaimed bid sheets. These will be matched with the items and volunteers will take these items and bid sheets to follow up and collect payment and deliver items.

6. Random Thoughts!

  1. We need to know how we are processing credit cards- are we using the hotel’s CC system or the bank’s or a third choice? We need to be able to accept Mastercard, Visa, and AmEx- Discover would be nice but not necessary
  2. We need training on the CC machines- we need to be able to run batch totals on each machine at the end of the evening to know our totals
  3. We need at least three machines, four would be better
  4. We need to have some seed cash to have change available for those who pay with cash.
  5. We need to make sure we have volunteers for check-out that understand that this will be a LONG night! The potential exists that a live auction winner will want to check out right after winning and that the last person on the dance floor has four items to pay for. We need check-out volunteers from the start of the live auction to the end of the evening!
  6. We need a place to move/hold the live auction items after it is over. The winners will need to pick up the items after paying and we don’t want them to have to go back to the dance floor!
  7. We need to somehow communicate the bidding process to the bidders. We need to make sure they don’t pick up items or bid sheets, but just back away from the tables when the silent auction closes and head back to the ballroom. We need time to file and get ready before they can check out.






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